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Kim Case

Victim Advocate Consultant

Through Kim’s experience of over 30 years in legalities looking for justice for her own story, she has devoted herself to bringing hope to the hope-lost. She has discovered her purpose and passion in being an advocate for victims all over the world. Her goal in working with these victims is to help them reach a point of peace that will allow them to find true hope and healing in their own story.

  • Custom curriculum 67% 67%
  • Program Development 70% 70%
  • Assessment & Implementation 45% 45%

Kim Case

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Legal & Direct Service


Invite Kim to serve on your task force, multi-disciplinary team, work group, or special Initiative. From local and state change, to her work with White House initiative’s and national programs like Campus Public Safety, Kim has served and presented for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA), Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and several state and federal state  associations including a number Attorney General and Governor led agendas.

Kim lends a survivors voice to the conversations assuring that this perspective, and the voice of those lost and hurt by crime, does not go unheard.

Victim Advocacy

legal & Direct

Kim has consulted on breaking news stories interacting with some of the most traumatizing and tragic situations in our world. Her work includes advocating for survivors of the Oklahoma City Bombing and serving front line after 911 in New York City when her Sheriff’s advocacy program was called to serve. She’s responded to thousands of crime scenes and has interacted with law enforcement & victims during interviews and court hearings. Sometimes having a dedicated liaison, a hand to hold and friendly face in which to gaze takes the sting out of the maze-like process called our criminal justice system. Kim is that advocate and will work with your program to build a response should your community face a tragedy of any kind.

Grant Writing

After receiving her first denial of a grant application in 1995, she dedicated herself to never receive a “no” to a funding request again. Knowledgable at the local, state and federal level, Kim has been responsible for curating and managing millions of dollars in federal and state grant dollars which support government, non-profit and for-profit agencies to service victims well. Through a deep excavation process, Kim builds a proposal with special flair.

Custom Curriculum

Program Design 

Continued training aimed at inspiring and validating the efforts of those who serve on the front line, Kim develops, directs and coordinates delivery of training modules to organizations with the goal of enhancing programing and response of staff at all levels. A few of Kim’s specialty areas are:

  • Victim Advocacy and the Organization- Protocols
  • Policies and Programming
  • Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigation
  • Response and Restoration
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Human Trafficking Awareness and Response
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Elder Abuse & Neglect
  • Homicide Advocacy
  • Strategic Conversations
  • Servant Leadership
  • Evidence-Based Solution-Based Casework TM
  • Child welfare case management system

FBI Project

law Enforcemnt

Kim was chosen by the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Justice in 2016 to develop and implement ELEVATE, Excellence in Law Enforcement-based Training and Enrichment, a program she consults on regularly.



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Victim Advocate | Survivor 

Kim Case

Speaker & Consultant

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