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Like many of you, my life has been littered with more than a fair share of losses, hurts and low points. At 19 I survived a brutal kidnapping and rape by four strangers. I spent my childhood in a family where money was scarce, addictions were prevalent and violence had a grip on my home.  I know this all sounds terrible but if you’re reading this now you can see that I’ve found healing and you can too.

– Kim Case


Survivor Ambassador

Her experience of abduction, rape, and abuse was only half of the battle Kim faced. The healing that is supposed to follow surviving a traumatic experience such as this was braced with a whole new collection of hardships.

Injustice and on-going victimization are commonly experienced in the legal process of healing that infringes on the peace of moving on. Through Kim’s experience of over 30 years in legalities looking for justice for her own story, she has devoted herself to bringing hope to the hope-lost.

She has discovered her purpose and passion in being an advocate for victims all over the world. Her goal in working with these victims is to help them reach a point of peace that will allow them to find true hope and healing in their own story.


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With the realization of the immense blessing it is to live to tell the tale, Kim has dedicated her life to supporting other victims in similar situations to her own. Her mission is to encourage those who are hurt with guidance emotionally and physically through the process of healing. She wants to be a voice of comfort as well as a guide toward justice for victims.

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Kim has made it her mission to help others move through pain and suffering to a place of peace and wholeness. This video details the story of how Kim survived the brutal kidnapping and sexual assault of four complete strangers over a span of 15 hours.

Aside from the physical abuse, she experienced extreme emotional trauma that didn’t stop after she escaped her captors. It has now been over 30 years since her attack and she is still dealing with legalities of the event, proving how the abduction was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hurt experienced from tragedies like these.

The inspiration she has become allows her to deeply empathize, connect, and support the victims in light of the unique experiences they share.

Victim Advocate | Survivor 

Kim Case

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