Telling a better story is not

about denying what you’ve been through or acting as though it hasn’t affected you. It’s about not letting it define you or determine how you live your life.


Telling a better story is

deciding that the new blank page that is given to us each day is a gift that will not be wasted on thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you, or beliefs that rob you of your power. Pathways to Healing is a journey that helps you learn how to tell a better story, how to work through hurt, forgiveness, and pain and reclaim you power. We won’t deny the past, we will just choose not to ‘live’ in the wake of its chaos. Pathways is a personal healing experience that meets you where you are on your path, and ushers you into a new life, a new story, the one you deserve.


Like many of you, my life has been littered with more than a fair share of losses, hurts and low points. At 19 I survived a brutal kidnapping and rape by four strangers. I spent my childhood in a family where money was scarce, addictions were prevalent and violence had a grip on my home.  I know this all sounds terrible but if you’re reading this now you can see that I’ve found healing and you can too.

Honestly friends, the power of NEXT is an incredible thing. It has the ability to remove obstacles and break down the barriers that block your chance to live a hope-filled life. It IS possible to move out of hurt and into healing. It’s a choice however, a choice only you can make. It’s time…you’re new life awaits. Join me on the journey to healing.


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Kim welcomes opportunities to share her story and her message of hope and healing. Kim’s message resonates with individuals, women’s groups, leadership teams, law enforcement, and civic groups alike.

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